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Exploding Kittens: Original is the original edition of the Exploding Kittens game by The Oatmeal. There is also a limited edition (with a box that meows when you open it) and a NSFW edition for adults. It's a simple, yet addictive card game anyone can play. Basically, you draw cards from the pile. If you get an exploding kitten card, you are out of the game. There are many other funny, well-designed cards to help you win, such as shuffle, see the future, skip, attack and many others. Click here to see the gameplay

List of cardsEdit

Skip- Commandeer a bunny raptor

Skip- Engage the hypergoat

Skip- Don a portable cheetah butt

Skip- Crab walk with some crabs

Attack- Awaken the bear-o-dactyl

Attack- Deploy the thousand year back hair

Attack- Unleash the catterwocky

Attack- Fire the crab-a-pult

Shuffle- An electromagnetic Pomeranian storm rolls in from the east

Shuffle- A plague of bat farts descend from the sky

Shuffle- Abracrab Lincoln is elected president

Shuffle- A transdimensional litter box materialises

Favor- Get enslaved by party squirrels

Favor- Ask for a back hair shampoo

Favor- Rub peanut butter on your belly button and get some new friends

Favor- Take your friends beard-sailing on your beard boat

See the future- Feast upon a unicorn enchilada and gain its enchilada powers

See the future- Ask the all-seeing eye goat wizard

See the future- Summon the mantis shrimp

See the future- Rub the belly of a pig-a-corn

See the future- Deploy the special ops bunnies

Defuse- Via belly rubs

Defuse- Via kitten therapy

Defuse- Via 3am flatulence

Defuse- Via catnip sandwiches

Defuse- Via participation in kitten yoga

Defuse- Via laser pointer

Cattermelon x4

Rainbow-Ralphing Cat x4

Beard cat x4

Taco cat x4

Hairy Potato cat x4

Exploding Kitten x4

Nope- Win the NopeBell peace prize

Nope- Feed your opponent a nope sandwich with extra nope sauce

Nope- Nopestradamus speaks the truth

Nope- A jackanope bounds into the room

Nope- A nope ninja delivers a wicked dragon kick

To see Pictures of every card, click here. <——SPOILERS

Click gameplay to see what the different cards do.

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Exploding kitten card

Exploding kitten card

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